lcsw supervision

How to Get Started 
After our first contact, you will contact the Oregon Board of Social Workers and summit paperwork to them with your supervision plan. Once this is approved by the board, we will then talk about your availability and needs. 

At the first meeting I’d like to spend time getting to know each other, for you to ask questions, and for me to gather a list of LCSW supervision topics that you want to especially focus on, while we work together. We are required to cover certain topics during the course of LCSW supervision, and I will be glad to email the list to you if you want to look at this list. 

LCSW Individual Supervision:
For individual LCSW supervision sessions, some people in the past have preferred one hour sessions (once per week), and others have preferred to have one-and-a-half hour sessions (once per week). I have also helped some finish up their hours by bunching appointments up together. 


LCSW group supervision:

For group supervision sessions, the session lasts two hours; with a maximum of four people in each group. Of course, this divides out to about 30 minutes per person, unless the group wants to structure the time differently. 


My LCSW supervision style:

My LCSW supervision style is strength based, collaborative, and educational. I view it to be my job to ensure that you will be fully prepared for your licensure by the time that you have completed your LCSW supervision. My job is to coach and mentor. 

Everyone has a different skill level and background. If you allow me, I will teach you what you don't already know. I believe in positive supportive communication. The focus of our sessions is about your needs, and I want our time together to be productive.  

I attempt to give gentle feedback, and will tell you why I am giving this feedback. I have worked with those who have very little counseling experience, and with others who are more advanced. 

I prefer to mix-up the session with staffing cases, answering questions and then having a focus to talk about. I am flexible if this style does not work for you, and I am willing to adjust to your learning style.


Populations I have worked with:

As a therapist, I have worked with specific client populations that includes: 

1.  Adjudicated and convicted adolescents in a boy’s prison (in psychiatric unit). 

2.  Adjudicated males and females in a state hospital psychiatric unit/prison unit.  

3.  Adjudicated and convicted men and women. 

4.  Mandatory and voluntary people who have addiction issues in outpatient treatment.  

5.  Adjudicated and convicted males who were charged with domestic violence. 

6.  Women who have been a victim of domestic violence. 

7.  The Severely Mentally Ill.  

8.  The Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/ Transgender population. 

9.  Culturally specific groups: Native Americans; Latino; Asian; Pacific Islander; Russian;  African Americans; gang affiliation. 

10. Individuals who need medical detoxification/stabilization for addiction issues (hospital environment).  

Specialties include:

1.  Adults and teens.

2.  Relationship issues and family counseling.

3.  Sexual problems

4.  Substance abuse counseling/facilitating groups. 

5.  Most DSM-V mental health categories.

6.  EMDR. 

7.  Family of Origin Therapy.

8.  Abuse/Trauma/PTSD.

9.  Domestic Violence/Violence toward others.

10.  Depression.

11.  Anxiety disorders/phobias. 

12.  Grief and loss.

13.  Hypnotherapy: which includes modifying thinking, beliefs, and behaviors.