Dianna Bowlen LCSW, CH

Mission Statement
Providing professional compassionate therapy services to those who decide to make positive changes in their life

Core Values


Commitment to the Community: “I treat people with dignity and respect.”  I take personal responsibility for creating an open environment that will enable me to maximize my contributions to clients and the community.  I respect and recognize the wholeness

Commitment to Clients:   “I recognize the uniqueness of each individual.”  I acknowledge the unique physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of each person. I strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and service to clients, families, to people in support systems, and to each other.

Commitment to Leadership: “I lead by example.” I take personal responsibility to uphold the highest standards of ethics and honesty in all that I do. I willingly engage in a wide range of continuing education for Mental Health, Addictions and Hypnosis to ensure that I am offering professional services to my clients. I remain open to learning; recognizing that to help others I must also grow. 
of  the individual by encouraging that each individual balance their life among business, personal, health, leisure, and family commitments.